Best Online Casino Bonus in India

Internet proliferation is the catalyst fuelling the gambling industry. While land-based casinos don’t always have a lot of competition, that cannot be said about online casinos that are usually a click away in any device. User experience and various games are not the only things that players look for while selecting an online casino. Bonuses on offer are the incentive that continues to draw millions of people looking to make a fortune playing various online games.  

Gamblers always want to sign up with online casinos that can offer more money and gifts in bonuses to enhance gambling capacity. In a bid to shrug off competition and attract more people, online casino game developers provide attractive welcome bonus and promotions that accord gamblers more opportunities for staking big for higher returns.

How Online Casino Bonus in India Works

Online casino bonuses in India are simply promotions that allow players to earn free money that can be used to place big stakes and increase the chances of winning big. These platforms use gifts to entice new users and encourage people to continue placing bets. While casinos offer different welcome bonus, players are usually gifted additional cash depending on the first deposit or deposits made afterwards. Some casinos offer no deposit free spins in slot machines.

Bonuses are not free money that can one can withdraw as they wish. Instead, they are incentives whose earnings can be withdrawn once certain conditions are met. In most cases, players must deposit some money and wager a number of times to withdraw any winnings.

Conversely, casino bonuses in India are incentives designed to encourage players to deposit a certain amount of money and wager several times. If casinos offered bonuses without any wagering requirements, people would log in, claim the bonuses, and withdraw. Given that most bonuses come with a series of conditions, they are optional. As a player, you can always select not to partake any of the incentives.

Before settling on a casino because of the bonuses on offer, there are important things that any serious gambler should be aware of.

Wagering Requirements

While online casinos offer free money that people can use to play various games, their ultimate goal is to make money. Wagering requirements are simply rules in fine print that must be met to withdraw any bonus issued. The rules are designed to give the house an edge in most cases.

The wagering requirements affirm the number of times or the kind of bets that a player should place on the casino before being allowed to convert winnings due to bonuses into real cash for withdrawal. For instance, an online casino might require prospective candidates to wager up to 50 times before reclaiming a $50 bonus. In addition, you might be required to wager your money and win up to ten times to stand a chance of withdrawing bonus amounts.


Wagering Requirement





Royal Panda


NoLimit City

No wager requirement 

Casino Jefe

No wager requirement 


The lower the wagering requirement, the easier, and faster it would be to withdraw any bonus amount in an online casino. While selecting an online casino based on bonus amounts, it is important to settle on platforms with the lowest possible wagering requirement.

In addition, some platforms come with conversion caps that limit the amount of bonuses that can be converted into real cash. Others come with game bonus conversion, which indicates the amount of money that certain games contribute towards wagering requirements.

Expiration Date OR Bonus Validity

Every bonus has its expiration date. Online casinos set time limit during which players can convert the bonuses into real cash or use no deposit free spins once wagering requirements are met. The expiration time can range from a few hours to a few months.

Bonuses with short validity periods are usually not the best. This is because they will often force you to bet and spend more all in the effort of trying to meet wagering requirements. Betting more in the race to convert bonus amounts into real cash increases the risk of losing and gives the house an upper hand.

For instance, it would be catastrophic to try and chase a $1,000 bonus on being required to play fifty times within 24 hours. Therefore, it is important to only settle on casinos that offer reasonable bonus validity periods.

Contributing Games

Not all games contribute towards the wagering requirement. Therefore, it is important to read the fine print and take note of the games that must be played to be allowed to convert the underlying bonus into real cash.

Some online games are known to contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement, while some only contribute 50% and as low as 10% with some games. Slot machines are some of the best for anyone looking to unlock bonus amounts as they contribute 100% in most casinos. On the other hand, card games contribute the least towards the bonus amount at about 10%.

Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses in India

Online casinos offer different types of bonuses designed to meet the needs of different players or new users. The bonuses come with conditions that must be met to access and withdraw them. Below is some of the most popular online casino bonus in India.

  1. Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus is a cash incentive offered whenever a client makes a deposit. It is offered once a new user makes a deposit acting as a welcome gift. In addition, some online casinos offer bonuses every time players make deposits. There are two kinds of deposit bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus Welcome bonus is an incentive offered to new players who have opened new accounts and made an initial deposit. In most cases, it is a one-time incentive.

  • Reload Bonus Offered whenever a player makes a deposit and targets existing clients. After making the initial deposit, the incentive seeks to entice casino players to add more money to their accounts. Caution is of utmost importance in this case as most reload bonuses can be harmful rather than beneficial.

Top Reload bonus in India


Reload Bonus

Betway Live Casino

25% Reload Bonus on 2nd Deposit


5% Reload Bonus

Europa Casino

60% Reload Bonus on 2nd  deposit

Mr. Luck Casino

400% Reload bonus on 2nd deposit

Casino Planet

25% Reload Bonus up to 8000INR Weekly

Twin Casino

100% Reload bonus on 2nd deposit

Shangri LA

75% RELOAD BONUS ON 2nd deposit


The main difference between a welcome bonus and reload bonus has to do with the number of times each is offered. While reload bonuses are offered every time a deposit is made, many online casinos offer welcome bonus once after an account is opened and the first deposit is made.

The deposit bonus depends on the casino operator and the amount of money that a player deposits. High deposit amounts are often rewarded with high bonuses amounts. A 50% deposit bonus is usually on offer on most platforms.

However, it is important to note that there is always a limit on the bonuses. The deposit bonus can come with another promotion designed to entice new users. Some of the offers might include spicy rewards such as spin bonuses.

  1. No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit casino bonuses are cash rewards that casinos offer to try and get more people to test their offerings before they can invest their own money. The bonuses do not require players to make initial deposit. Signing up for the service is more than enough to get free cash rewards and no deposit free spins that can be used to gamble risk-free.

 Top no deposit bonus in India


Bonus Offer

Casino Cruise

55 Free Spins

Jackpot City Casino

50 Free spins

Spin Casino

100 Free Spins

Grande Vegas Casino

$25 No Deposit

Uptown  Aces Casino

$10 No Deposit

Jumba Bet Casino

140 Free Spins

Treasure Mile Casino

$24 No Deposit

Miami Club Casino

$15 NO Deposit

Slot Cash Casino

$15 No Deposit


The bonus is uncommon as most casinos operate and make money on players making deposits. The offering benefits players as it allows them to start gambling without investing any money. While the bonus is usually low, it offers a good way to taste the waters risk-free through things like no deposit free spins.

However, no deposit casino bonus in India are some of the most difficult to cash out, given that a casino is in the business of making profits and not dishing out free cash. Meeting the requirement to cash out no deposit casino bonuses is never easy.

  1. Free Spin Bonus

Free spin bonuses allow online casinos to offer players an opportunity to play without having to provide cash rewards. In return, players can play slot machine games without using their own money. The bonuses have become extremely popular because they don’t have any strings attached.

 Top Free Spin Bonuses in India


Free Spins


Lucky Niki


100% up to RS.100,000

Europa Casino


1005 up to RS. 7,000

JV Spin


100% up to RS. 120,000

Wildz Casino


100% up to RS. 50,000



100% up to RS. 145,000



100% up to RS. 30,000



100% up to RS. 10,000



100% up to RS. 1500



Up to RS. 150,000

Jonny Jackpot


Up tp RS. 100,000


Free spin bonuses allow people to spin the slot machine one time, offering an exciting way of having some fun risk free. While such bonuses are normally offered on opening an account, some casinos offer free spins on a player making deposits once in a while.

While using the free spin bonuses, you will have to spend a certain amount of your own money to be able to withdraw any winnings accrued from the spin bonuses.

  1. Loyalty Bonuses

Online casinos resort to various strategies to try and hold on to customers. In a bid to entice long term players to continue gambling with the site, often they offer loyalty bonuses. They are the most beneficial bonuses but the hardest to come by as one must have been with the service for quite some time. Eligibility for loyalty bonuses and no deposit free spins in most platforms requires over one year of service. In addition to the time restriction, one can only qualify for wagering a certain amount of money.

Loyalty bonuses are not limited to a certain type of reward. They come in different forms, from special prizes such as trips abroad to paid vacations in luxury hotels. In some instances, casinos reduce the withdrawal limits of their loyal customers. Higher bonuses on certain slot games may also come into play.

Loyalty bonuses vary from one casino to another. Therefore you may have to explore the casino that offers the best bonuses before signing up for the service.

  1. Cashback Casinos

Cashback casinos are promotions run by casinos designed to convince players they won’t lose all their money while playing games. In most cases, the platforms tend to reimburse the players with cashback bonuses whenever they incur significant losses on the amount wagered.

Cashback bonuses allow players to continue playing even after losing a significant amount of money on the platform. In this case, they avert the need of having to deposit additional funds to continue gambling.

 Top Cashback Bonus  In India




Up to $600


Up to €5000


Up To $750


Up to $688


Up to €500


Up to $500


Up to €1,000


Up to $1850

Mansion Casino

10% Cashback


To remain competitive in the sector, some casinos compensate their clients with real cash upon losing a significant amount of money. While such bonuses are dependent on the amount of money lost, they are much better than the no deposit casino bonuses that are impossible to withdraw.

  1. VIP Programs

VIP Programs are not bonuses, but incentives offered to loyal gamblers that stake a certain amount of money over a certain period. The incentives offered are based on the user’s activity divided into various tiers. The programs allow online casinos to reward their most loyal customers for gambling.

Gamers who pay more are normally entitled to more VIP programs as compared to other gamers. For instance, a gamer that plays more often, could be upgraded to a higher tier in the ecosystem. The upgrade would essentially come with more free spins and increased cashback prospects.

Given that the VIP programs are unique to online casinos, some offer their clients free admission to tournaments and free physical gifts in some cases. Such programs offer gamers an easy way of offsetting losses or prolonging their play.

Top casino bonuses in India



Free Spins

Wagering requirements

Genesis Casino

RS. 30,000



Royal Panda

RS. 10,000




RS. 90,000



Jonny Jackpot

RS. 100,000




RS. 160,000




RS. 70,000




RS. 30,000




RS. 80,000



Casoola Casino

RS. 30,000



22 BET

RS. 25,000




Tips and Tricks to Using Online Casino Bonuses in India

  1. Tip 1:  Take all free gifts

While wagering requirements make it difficult to withdraw bonuses until some conditions are met, there are ways of making good use of such incentives for the best outcomes. It is important always take all the free gifts offered by an online casino.

Having some extra bucks or free spins could make a huge difference between hitting the jackpot and going broke. It is important to take any offer thrown your way, no matter how small if you are a slot fanatic, never spare the free spins but use them to get a feel of the game.

  1. Tip 2:  Read terms and conditions

Wagering requirements can ruin a good welcome bonus offer or other incentives. To avert the risk of falling into the trap, it is important first to read the terms and conditions tied to the bonuses. The most reliable online casinos have favorable requirements such as 30X and 50X bets to unlock bonus amounts.

  1. Tip 3: Watch out for special offers

It is also important to look for special offers that are often thrown into the mix after the welcome bonus. The one-time offers can increase your gambling power if you are at the right place at the right time. Some of the special offers commonly offered include free chips or spins.

  1. Tip 4: Use bonuses at the right time

In addition, it is important to use the right bonus at the right time. If new to the business, it is important to start with the welcome offers before they expire. Never use reloads bonuses unless you are at risk of losing money. A welcome bonus on the other hand can be used anytime.

  1. Tip 5:  Play  the important games

You should also read the fine print to ascertain the kind of games one needs to play to unlock the bonuses before expiry. Never waste your precious time playing unrelated games that will not have a positive impact on the welcome bonus and reload bonus among other offerings offered by casinos in India.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Bonus in India

Online casinos are always competing for new clients, which is good news for players. In a bid to shrug off competition for players’ dollars, they offer different sets of bonuses and free spins that can leave players spoilt for choice. Amid the array of incentives, you can only take advantage of a few bonuses.

While selecting a casino based on bonuses, below are some of the things to consider

Gaming needs

Gaming needs should always take precedent while selecting online casino bonuses in India. It is important to settle on a casino that offers a bonus that fits your gaming needs. While selecting a bonus, consider the amount of money you wish to spend. In addition, focus on what you want to achieve in the long run.

If you wish to gamble without depositing any amount, consider a casino that offers no deposit casino bonus in India or free spins. If you want to stake higher amounts, it would be wise to go with casinos that offer high roller bonuses. If you wish to deposit once then a casino that offers a much higher welcome bonus would be ideal. A casino that offers reload bonuses would be ideal for anyone looking to gamble for long.

Settle on Reasonable Wagering Requirements

The best casino bonuses are those that come with reasonable wagering requirements, which make it easy to convert the incentives into real cash. Therefore, it is important to go through the requirements by reading the terms and conditions.

The most important thing to remember is that wagering requirements come with “X,” representing the deposit amount one must spend and the total amount to multiply the bonus. For instance, a 20X wagering requirement on a $200 deposit requires a player to bet $4,000 in total to be allowed to withdraw the welcome bonus or reload bonus winnings.

A low wagering requirements translates to a much smaller number of times one must wager to withdraw the winnings. The lower the wagering requirement, the much faster one would be able to withdraw the bonuses. A wagering requirement of less than 30X is the best.

Consider Expiration Date

Unlike normal gifts, online casino bonuses come with an expiration date during which the bonuses are valid. Once you receive a code, it is important to activate it to receive the welcome bonus or reload bonuses. If you wish to activate the bonuses and convert them into real cash, then you will have to meet the requirements set out in the terms and conditions. The best bonuses come with a much longer expiration date which gives one ample time to settle down and unlock the amount.

Games Eligibility

The best casino bonus in India is one that can be unlocked using the games one wishes to play on the platform. Therefore before opting for online casino bonuses, it is important to be double sure of the games eligible for the rewards.

There is no need to settle on a bonus that you will never use. It is also important to only settle on a bonus that offers a percentage of the deposit amount in addition to free spins. In this case, you will have extra funds to play with, which can be advantageous.

Compare Bonuses

When selecting a casino to deal with, comparing bonuses various platforms are offering would go a long way. Only commit to a site after comparing what the casinos are offering and the kind of impact they are likely to have, depending on your gaming needs. While comparing, focus on the wagering requirements, validity periods and games eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions about online Casino Bonuses in India

How can I get an online casino bonus in India?

Getting online casino bonuses and free spins is easy as you only need to sign up for an account with one of the licensed and reputed players in the business s. You may be welcomed with a no deposit bonus on some platforms, which does not require you to deposit any amount.

However, you must first make a minimum deposit with most casinos to get rewarded with additional free cash or other incentives. Bonuses may stream in as you play the games or make reloads. In the world of gambling, there are different types of bonuses that casinos offer to attract gamblers and hold on to customers.

Who offers the biggest online casino bonuses in India?

It isn’t easy to pinpoint biggest casino bonuses in India as the offerings are constantly changing. In the race to attract more clients, hold on to existing customers and encourage people to gamble, casinos tweak their offerings from time to time.

New entrants may be forced to offer bumper bonuses in a bid to get noticed and steal clients from the competition.  In India, Betway Live Casino offers some of the biggest online casino bonuses, which can reach highs of Rs. 90,000. The bonus is accorded to people who make the first deposit.

Where can I find the best online casino bonus in India?

While scanning for the best casino bonuses in India focus should not be on the amount but rather on the terms that the offering comes with. The best bonuses are those that come with reasonable wagering requirements requiring one to pay the least amount of games to unlock winnings.

In addition, a bonus should come with a much longer expiration date to provide ample time for gaming to earn substantial returns and unlock the winnings. Comparing offerings from the various casinos will go a long way in making it easy to unlock the best casino bonuses.

Can I withdraw online casino bonus money?

Yes. It is possible to withdraw online casino bonus money but only after set requirements under terms and conditions is met. Casinos are in the business of making a profit and not in the business of giving people free money. Therefore, some outlets offer stringent requirements to withdraw any winnings due to bonuses.

For instance, one might be required to play certain games a number of times to be able to withdraw the winnings that come about as a result. Different casinos come with varying requirements for unlocking the winnings. The no deposit casino bonus in India is one whose winnings can be extremely difficult to withdraw, given the stringent requirements.

However, it is important to note that casino bonus is never withdrawn directly. It is converted into cash in most casinos when certain conditions are met.

Where can I get free spins?

Free spins are some of the deposit bonuses offered by casinos to entice new clients into the platform. They allow players to gamble without using their money. In addition, they are offered as part of VIP programs to higher tier clients as part of an effort of showing appreciation. Most online casinos offer no deposit free spins as part of the reward schemes.

What is a wagering requirement?

Wagering requirements are rules that stipulate the number of times a player needs to wager before being allowed to convert a bonus into real cash for withdrawal purposes. For instance, a 20X wager means a player must wager 20 times and accrue winnings to carry out a successful withdrawal.

In most cases, it implies the amount of money one needs to bet at the casino before the bonus cash is converted to real cash. The requirement varies from one casino to another; the best casino bonuses come with low wager requirements as it implies wagering the least amount of times to withdraw winnings.

The more times one is required to bet in order to withdraw online casino bonuses, the higher the chances of going bust and the entire bonus amount being wiped out. Casinos’ business model is set up to be better off when players go bust instead of being forced to payout.

What is a no deposit bonus?

Casino deploys a number of strategies to try and attract new customers and encourage them to test their products. A no deposit bonus is one such offering that casinos offer new clients allowing them to gamble without spending their own money.

The bonus is normally issued once a player opens an account and everything checks out. While the no deposit casino bonus in India amount is usually smaller, it might come in different forms, such as cash or free spins. The offering also comes with stringent withdrawal requirements.

What is Cashback?

The prospect of losing money in a casino is usually high. To ensure clients don’t freak out and close their accounts on losing a good chunk of the deposited amounts, casinos offer cash backs. It is a special type of bonus whereby casinos return clients part of the losses they incur while playing games.

For instance, casino bonuses in India might come with a 10% cashback guarantee. What this means is that the casino will return as much as 10% of the total losses that a gamer incurs while wagering. The cashback bonus varies from one casino to another and depends on the time.

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